sexta-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2012

Eletronic Indigenous Soul

Like the  aussie aborigine electronic music
Bum beat bum beat tou soul lous bum beat uuuu beat souls lum um louu souu bum cul pum bum dou
Traces flying into your stou
Colours playing through my dou
Movement soul feels low
High beat goes soul
Leave the brow to feel alou
And throw the doul into the soul
Bum sum lul doul
Electronic beat into the blou
Red traces flowing the houl
Pull the fow allou and cut the bridges andou
No…still flows into the coal and leaving the poul into no soul
Ouuu …show my flow into the blue and dive thru the soul alou
‘Coz Into a red soul all blue go slow
Ouuu soul how sweet lou
Bringing my fears all as though
Nothing else could me blow

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