quarta-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2013

First eller Först

Some people say the first exhibition of a painter, the first album of a musician, the first play of a theater writer are the real true, the real identity (SAT NAM). I believe this, although it does not mean they are the best.

This first is the first painting of the Swedish Production. Well, when I produce there is no first or second or third, they all come at the same time as I work in many paintings at the same time, so I do not get bored. But this one was the first to be ready, the first idea of using the scissor to make the frame. It looks simple but it actually took quite long time to be finished, and the reason for that is that I did not make the background first, but at the end. The green lines do not contrast very much to the blue background. One cannot see them from far away. I wish the green lines were orange. But they are not, and I am satisfied. 

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