quarta-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2013

Östersund Campingen

It has always been important for modern artists to depict their daily life. I wish I could do it more often, but at least I do few times and I am satisfied. This is the camping where I live in Östersund. It is the view from my French friends’ cottage.

I am a lazy artist and have no patience to draw twice. If I drew it once more the drawing would be much better, but never mind. I am a truth artists, who is not afraid of showing his mistakes. This is how I saw it when I drew it. Period.

“Every bad drawing can become a good painting”

The colors on this painting were almost all of them right, just with some few wrong choices, which did not play a big role. Although it is not a great drawing I perceive people like to see it. It is figurative, and after looking at all my nonfigurative paintings they get happy to realize that I can draw, at least a little bit.

That is the way I paint. Colorful. Little traces. Basic colors with no darker or lighter. No nuances. There is just One Red. One Blue…and so on..

The sky, as most of the painting, is inspired by Fauvist artists. Traces stronger at the top and smaller at the bottom giving the idea of depth. I also enjoy looking at it.

“A painting has to bring happiness to the one who see it”

I wanted to cut the frame of it and make some forms. But I didn’t and I am satisfied. 

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