quarta-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2013

Swedish Garbage or Garbage Sweden

There is no reason to write Garbage Sweden on the text, but provoking the Swedish. Although they can never be provoked, they are unprovoked people.

I am used to working with garbage that I found on the streets and bring home, usually not knowing what I will do with them but already having ideas since the moment I get them. Sometimes I do never use them; sometimes I do sth straight away. The point is, happily, I do not find garbage in Sweden. Therefore I cannot turn garbage in art here.

But I was eager to find a piece of wood somewhere. As I didn't, I had to sneak it from somewhere…

One day I decided to but a couple of useless things at the local dollar shop. Clips, pins, elastics…they were very good to work with this piece of wood. I liked the final result. The painting could have been a little bit better, as I finished in a bit of a rush in order to exhibit it on my birthday – January 19th 2013, 30 y\o – but the rush also gave a lot of movement to the painting. Good colours. Good Inspiration. And as always, I am satisfied. 

p.s.  Pic 1 - Ready

       Pic 2 - In process
Question: Does an art piece ever get ready?
Answer: No, everything is temporary.

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